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Back online!

Well, I’m not sure why, but this past couple of years have seen my Sophian writings slow down to a trickle.  I think perhaps that getting the Christian Animism book published took more out of me than I thought!  But my spiritual practice has been evolving, and my thoughts have been perculating.  With our family’s commitment to sink roots into the farm has come a deepening of relationship with this particular landscape, this lake, these farm-spirits, these fellow creatures.  It has been a great honour for me to become the chaplain of our farm community, and my hope is that I’ll be able to share a bit more about what that looks like on the ground.

I’m also very happy to announce that I’ve been invited to be a ChristoPagan contributor to “PaganSquare”, the online reflection forum of Witches and Pagans magazine.  Look here next month to find my thoughts.

In the meantime, Godde bless you and your tribe, and enjoy this season of Imbolc as the light continues to grow…

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