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I’m not sure how many of you have heard about this, but there was sad news in the English village of Glastonbury today. Somebody cut down the holy thorn tree. Here’s the report.

I know there are plenty of other things in the world to be upset about, but I found this act of sacrelige particularly troubling. Glastonbury is a bit of a magical place, a pilgrimage town for both pagans and Christians. The legend goes that this is the first place in Britain to have heard the news of the gospel, almost 2000 years ago. Joseph of Arimathea came to Glastonbury bearing the Word of Christ, and at some point during his visit, planted his staff in the ground. By the power of the Spirit, the staff sprouted leaves, and was transformed into the tree of the holy thorn.
Yes, I know, a legend. But a special legend for those of us who trace our spiritual heritage, Christian and pagan, back to the British Isles.
So today I mourn this tree, this link to the earliest layer of sacred history. May it spring forth again, shoot from stump, like the great Tree of Jesse. May there be spiritual rebirth as well, among those descended from this line. Amen.

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