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Poems of Radek

I have a good friend named Radek Strnad, who is a member of our Sophian Grove here at Rivendell. I met Radek a number of years ago, when he was homeless. He is a brave and beautiful person, with a keen sense of humour and much wisdom to share. Radek is also a poet, and he has given me permission to publish some of his work here on my blog … enjoy!


I see a personal apocalypse
I predict my life to unravel
My dreams though will be reality
But my nightmares will always be
just above the horizons

These will be dramatic times
The freemasons will try to cling to power
Anti-masonic pressure will vex
the secret societies

Secrets will be revealed
Especially the one about the true
nature of God

Maybe my predictions may be only bullshit
I am not great, not a great sage
But what I see comes from the vision
of the blood and tears of my existence

The Night Sky

Stars planets comets
The night sky calls upon us
See the phases of the Moon
An ascending phase thrills me
And the full Moon holds me

Our destiny is the stars
Mars is near the Earth
Yet so different
Can we change the Cosmos
We must start by changing ourselves

In compassion we will thrive
Just as in disharmony we will die
Our bodies are Cosmos in microcosm
Autonomous and free they should be

The night lights make everything
More beautiful
Let us include our hearts in that
We are made of stardust
We are made of the night sky

Twinkle little star
Can you see me
As I see you
I see we are at a cusp
Of Eternity
If we believe we can live together

                               Thanks, Radek, for these beautiful words.

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Have you been following the disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico these days? As devastating and horrifying as it is, I find it even more unnerving that Canadian PM Harper has the nerve to say that nothing like that could ever happen in Canada. Come on! This government is so tightly held captive by the oil industry that companies like BP, Syncrude, et al. can do pretty much whatever they want, whenever they want to. Although I must say that I’m pretty happy that Syncrude might actually be held criminally responsible for the death of the ducks last year (a friend came up with an appropriate slogan for the occasion: “duck you, Syncrude”)
But the deeper reality is that this horrific oilspill is really just a symptom of the larger problem: our utter alienation from the other forms of life with whom we share the planet. Until we each know, in the depths of our being, that Life is sacred, and that the whole creation is the Body of God, desecrations like oilspills and tarsands will continue to wreak havoc with the fragile balance of the Earth. Ecocide is Deicide. We need to wake up.

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