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On Thursday of Holy Week, the day before Good Friday, our local paper published a letter of mine in which I compared the possibility of a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan with an assault on the Body of God.  The link is here:


One of the things which was very interesting was that in the original letter, I had referred to God using the pronouns “She” and “Her”.   For some reason, the editor felt compelled to cut these pronouns out, and substitute them with “God”.  I guess the idea of naming divinity with female pronouns was more controversial than the idea that the Earth is the Body of God!

Anyways, I’m glad the letter was published, and I pray that the actions of many folks here on the prairies will keep the threat of nuclear energy at bay.  Of course, tied closely to this issue is the plague of tarsands development; because oil extraction from the tarpits is so energy intensive, the energy from a potential nuclear reactor would be channelled into the tarsands process.  What madness!

For those of you who make your home here in Saskatchewan, I want to invite you to consider coming on pilgrimage with myself and a number of others, to bear witness to the nightmare of Mordor which is the Alberta tarsands.  Here’s the info:

Stop the Assault

on the Body of God

Shut Down the Tar Sands!

Join us on a Pilgrimage to the Alberta Tar Sands

June 5 – 8, 2009

Cost: $225 (financial support available)

Application deadline is May 8

For more information please contact Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck

sanfordbeck@hotmail.com     653 2544    ecosophian.wordpress.com

Sponsored by St. Thomas Wesley United Church

Saskatoon, SK      (306) 244 7676

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