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Hard to believe, but after several years away in exile, it looks like I’m going back to the Cathedral!
At the end of May, I will be joining Bishop Tom (the bishop who ordained me) in a one-year interim at St. John’s here in Saskatoon (the great big tall redbrick gothic one, on the west side of the university bridge).
Now, some of you may be wondering … what is a nice ecofeminist greenpriest like me doing in a cathedral??? The truth is that I LOVE the Cathedral … I always have. The community is diverse and hospitable. The liturgy carries the best of the Anglican tradition. The music is great, and the building itself is simply beautiful. Florets, gargoyles, angels, and columns abound. There is even a small embedded stone from Glastonbury Cathedral, linking us with Arthur, Merlin, Joseph of Arimethea, and the Holy Grail!
So yeah, I’m excited to be going back. More than excited actually … it feels like full circle, like coming home after a long exile. My only regret is having to leave the church family which has become so important to us in the past few years, St. Thomas Wesley United. May the blessing of Christ and Sophia be upon them, to repay the kindness they have done for us.
Never a dull moment … the journey continues.

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