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Occupy Saskatoon

It was a busy day for protesting today!

Our family spent the morning carrying groceries and picket signs walking close to 5km through the west side core, in the “Food Desert Hike”.  This walking protest was designed to draw attention to how hard it is to access healthy food in the inner city of Saskatoon, and it was also the kickoff event for Poverty Awareness Week.

After that, we came home for a short rest, then headed down to Friendship Park for the Occupy Saskatoon gathering.  It was great to be there … the numbers weren’t huge, but the Spirit was definitely present.  The leaves from some of the most beautiful trees in the city were gently raining down on the people gathered, the food tent was cooking away, the daycare tent had crafts going on, and there were people of all ages and colours just hanging out.

When the Free Assembly began, I was interested to see the commitment to consensus for decision making, and the willingness of so many to listen carefully to what was being said in the circle.  Very different from so many political rallies where there are one or two talking heads, and everyone else’s voice recedes into the void.

I have no idea where all this “occupy the globe” stuff is going … part of me is a little cynical that it will just peter out into nothing … but most of me is very excited about it.  People are catching on that the powers that be are like a gaggle of naked emperors.  The little child has shouted: “hey, he’s got no clothes on!!!”  Once that word is out, there is no telling what might happen.

May Sophia give guidance and strength and the courage of conviction to all who Occupy Saskatoon, and the World.

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