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We had a beautiful full moon ceremony here at Rivendell tonight. It was so good to be able to begin the service outside without shivering in the frosty air (as we have all winter!) Spring is definitely upon us!
As we reflected on this sacred season, we celebrated the fact that the Equinox (Ostara or Oestre), Passover, and the Easter Triduum are all closely linked. At this holy time of rebirth, pagan, Jewish, and Christian traditions are wonderfully woven together by Sophia, Lady Wisdom, the Spirit of the Living God who creates and redeems all things. As we prayed together tonight, and blessed water for the healing of the Earth, I could feel Her presence with us in a powerful way. May all the acts of love and devotion, in all our diverse traditions this season, contribute to the great Tikkun Olam, the mending of the world. Thanks be to God.

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