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So Emily Carr and I have recently undertaken a new adventure in ministry. It doesn’t really get started until next year, though we will probably do a few experiments with it before then.
But here it is … JADE Ministry Collective   ( http://jadecollective.com/ )

What is JADE?
JADE is a ministry of presence, working primarily with those outside the walls of the church. It is a “fresh expression” of church, an emergent ecclesial experiment in the radical truth of the gospel. Rather than being parish-based, JADE orients itself primarily toward the Rainbow Tribe: spiritual seekers, radical activists, the lgbtt community, young people in search of meaning and love, artists, oppressed minorities, greenspiritualists, and those many varieties of beautiful people who have felt shut out of traditional Christianity for a myriad of different reasons. JADE proceeds on the assumption that the Spirit of God is alive and well, and moving in surprising and powerful ways among this unique constellation of communities.

What does JADE do?
– monthly Sacred Circles … gatherings in churches and other venues for experiments in worship, reflection, spiritual practice, music, art, community, and justice-making
– Ministry of Presence … spiritual companionship, solidarity, and pastoral and ritual care among the Rainbow Tribe
– Incubation of Sacred Arts … creation of original music, imagery, poetry, craft, liturgy, spoken word, film, podcasting, street art, sacred theatre … in tandem with the revitalization of ancient forms of spiritual practice such as prayer, meditation, fasting, beads, incense, labyrinths, chanting … anything to help our people go deeper into relationship with Spirit, self, neighbour, and Earth

Who is JADE?
The core ministers in JADE are Emily Carr and Shawn Sanford Beck. But as a ministry collective, JADE is open to collaboration with other priests, pastors, and lay leaders (young and old), and seeks to cultivate partnerships with parishes in the diocese, ecumenical companions, and other organizations in the community.

Who pays the bills?
As a foretaste of the future church, JADE operates on a low budget / no budget philosophy. With no buildings, no office, and no salaries, we are willing to take a risk in faith that freedom and flexibility will encourage creativity and commitment in our ministry. Of course, as the wider church becomes aware of the ministry, JADE will likely find itself the recipient of various forms of support – material and otherwise. When people see God in mission, they are excited to get on board. At some point in the future, there may be possibilities for a physical “home-base”, and paycheques. But in the meantime, the core ministers are willing to continue doing stipendary work in the diocese part-time, and devote themselves part-time to the work of JADE on a voluntary basis.

When will JADE begin?
JADE begins now, with the planting of the seed and the blessing of the bishop. We want to spend the next 9 months incubating this idea, watering the seed, experimenting with several projects and gatherings, praying, refining our strategy, building support and anticipation. Then, come Pentecost 2012, we will launch the project officially.

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